5 Sweet Things About the New Sugarfina at Market Street


If you were singing “I want candy!” on a trip around Market Street, then you’re going to be sweetly surprised by our newest addition coming July 27. Say a candy-coated hello to Sugarfina! Get ready to savor these fun, lively sweets and buy some to gift to friends, coworkers, and the sweetest people in your life.

  1. The founders of Sugarfina, Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick got the idea for this adult candy store when, on their third date, they watched Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. (You know the one….lots of candy and Oompa Loompas?) They thought, “Why let kids have all the fun?” And thus, Sugarfina was born!
  2.  Sugarfina is a quirky, curated name using the words “sugar”, to symbolize sweet treats and “fina” – the Italian word for “fine”.
  3. Sugarfina has done many sweet collabs with other tasty brands. Their Tito’s Vodka collaboration fueled celebrations all across the country and the green juice bears released in collaboration with Juice Society appeased all the health-nuts.
  4. Some best sellers for Sugarfina include Champagne Bears, Rosé All Day Bears, and Peach Bellini gummies.
  5. Houston-blogger, Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth, mentions Sugarfina as one of her must-haves for many celebrations from Valentine’s Day to Bachelorette parties!